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Caesar salad

Chooce: chicken, prawns, cold smoked salmon or Halloumi cheese


13 €


17 €

Escargots with garlic and blue cheese

12 €

Finnish toast skagen

10 €

Finnish creamy salmon soup

Malted bread


12 €


18 €


Belgian style mussels

Country style french fries and chili mayo

23 €

Mussels and Finnish blue cheese AURA

Country style French fries and chili mayo

24 €

Home made meatballs and mashed potatoes

Creamy pepper sauce, sour pickles and Finnish lingonberries

18 €

White Lady’s honey chicken

Creamy honey- pepper sauce, country style French fries and side salad

22 €

Halloumi cheese Chicken

Fresh pineapple and red wine sauce

22 €

Pepper Steak

Beef sirloin 200g, creamy pepper sauce, potatoes flavored with herbs and green salad

28 €

Minute Steak

Beef sirloin 200g, seasoned butter, country style french fries, aioli

27 €

Oscar’s cutlet

Breaded sow’s tenderloin 200g, asparagus, choron- sauce, prawn tails and country style french fries

22 €

White Lady's Burger

Choose: 200g minced beefburger
Chicken breast
Halloumi cheese
Brioche bun, Garlic butter, chili aioli, cheddar, marinated red onions, salad, sour pickle and country styler french fries

22 €

Catch of the day

Fish chance daily, so do the price

0 €

Sautéed reindeer and mashed potatoes

Lingonberries and sour pickle

28 €

Reindeer sirloin and mashed potatoes

Currant sauce, honey turnip, rosemary carrots and cranberries

40 €

Salmon and summer potatoes

Sea buck thorn sauce, Finnish turnips and kale chips

26 €


Créme Brulée

10 €

Finnish style french toast

Finnish cinnamon bun, strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream

10 €

Ice cream with caramel sauce

vanilja, strawberry, chocolate or rhubarb sorbet

6 €

Supertrio Ice cream

Waffle and mascarpone cream

12 €

Meringue treat

Finnish strawberries, blueberries, meringue and mascarpone cream

10 €

Finnish squeaky cheese and cloudberry jam

10 €

Finnish blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream

10 €


Also Gluten free choice
Gluten-free pizza is made in a kitchen where wheat is determined


Pesto sauce, fresh asparagus, mozzarella, Parma ham, pine seeds

18 €


Chicken, Finnish style blue cheese Aura, pineapple, tomato

18 €


Anchovies, olives, capers and mozzarella

18 €


Cold smoked salmon, sour cream, champignon, pickled red onion

18 €


Pepperoni, jalapeno, champignon, sour cream, aracula

18 €


Tomato, chèvre, pine seeds, marinated red onion, balsamico, aracula

18 €


Choose 4 filling:
chicken, pepperoni, tuna, blue cheese, jalapeno, tomato, marinated red onion, champignon, pine seeds, egg, asparagus, olive, pineapple, aracula, caper, vegan cheese, mozzarella, goat cheese, sour cream, prawns, cold smoked salmon, pesto,

20 €

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